Our mission is to humbly serve God and transform our community by correcting vertebral subluxations using specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments. Our purpose is to remove pressure from the nervous system allowing children to reach their full potential and all people to achieve richly active and purposeful lives.

New Life Chiropractic Offers Natural Healing

We provide our patients with the best possible chiropractic care. At New Life Chiropractic our mission is to return your spine to its natural, well functioning, pain-free condition.

Dr. Brad Norman and Dr. Paul Weber have been serving Barrie community for over 15 years and have healed thousands of patients.

Call us to schedule your first appointment where our team will help you to get on a road to healthier you!

Gonstead Chiropractic

The Gonstead is the GOLD STANDARD method recognized around the world. Gonstead is an ultimate “hands on” spinal adjustment and the leader in chiropractic techniques. Gonstead chiropractic is also the most thorough approach to chiropractic care.Gonstead chiropractor analyzes a patient's entire spine before making adjustments.

Only after detailed analysis, a Gonstead chiropractor will perform an adjustment that will address a spinal misalignment that causes changes in sensation, pain, and chronic diseases due to nerve interference.

Dr. Brad Norman
Barrie, Ontario 

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