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Brad Norman Barrie Chiroptactor

Dr. Brad Norman

My name is Brad Norman. I am truly blessed to have my beautiful wife, Natacha, to share our dreams together and I am blessed to be the father of 3 super healthy and vibrant boys, who have unbridled potential, and who love life.

Not everyday is perfect, but most days we have fun and we always sleep well.I love being a chiropractor, in fact if I wasn’t, I don’t know what I would be.

It’s what I am. My life is simple. Each day I make sure that nothing gets in the way of my boys unbridled potential, I fall more in love with Natacha, and I serve God with all my heart through chiropractic.

A dream is born.

It wasn’t until my 2nd year in London at the University of Western Ontario that I really knew anything about chiropractic. As I grew up I had an understanding that drugs were just not the right approach to health, so when some friends from school told me I should check out chiropractic, I did.As I learned what chiropractic was and how much it seemed to help people (my Mom started seeing a chiropractor in Barrie, who cured her of major headaches), I was given a new vision for my life. I decided to chase after the dream of becoming a chiropractor.I worked harder than ever at school and got the grades I needed to get into the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In the late spring of 1998, the letter came in the mail saying that I was accepted – what a feeling!

My Dad watched me walk up the drive way and when he knew what the letter said gave me the biggest hug of my life – thanks Dad.During the four years I spent at chiropractic college I worked hard at my school work, but a lot of important time and study of the science of chiropractic was done outside of class. I became a member, then vice president and eventually the president of the Gonstead chiropractic club. I’m not sure why I originally chose Dr. Gonstead’s approach, but when I had my first Gonstead adjustment, I went 3 weeks without a single headache! Up to that point, I was getting them almost daily. That was it, I was convinced. Not only would I be a chiropractor, but I would be a Gonstead chiropractor. I started making trips to Chicago and other places in the United States to learn more about Gonstead technique from the masters, Dr. Gonstead’s personal students when they were younger. The more I learned about Gonstead, the more I realized that this was the very best way to help people, not only patients, but also my family.

In 2002 we felt lead to open our practice in Barrie so that I would be able to help my friends and family. We now enjoy living in Oro. We play and coach soccer, we love doing family hikes into the bush and having camp fires and have a great time in the winter time on the backyard ice rink. The one in our family I forgot to mention is Maximus our white golden retriever. He goes with us just about everywhere. Each day when I pull out of our driveway, I feel sad for a little while that I am leaving Natacha and my boys for the day, but as I get closer to the office, I start to feel excited about the amazing things that are going to happen that day.

I look forward to serving and inspiring you, our patients and community everyday with Gonstead chiropractic and our amazing team here at New Life Chiropractic!

Dr. Paul Weber

I came on board with New Life Chiropractic in 2014, after being invited by Dr. Norman, and I’m so happy I did! It’s wonderful to be working in an environment where miracles happen every day for so many people. Like Dr. Brad, I’ve been a practicing chiropractor for many years. And also like Dr. Brad, I practice the Gonstead method of chiropractic exclusively.

Although I had a number of years as a chiropractic patient behind me when I first started university, I didn’t begin my post-secondary career with any intention of becoming a chiropractor myself. In fact, my studies were focused on preparing me for a career as a classical symphonic musician.

But for many, many years I was also very interested in natural healthcare and nutrition, and as the years in school went by, I was drawn more towards pursuing this career path while continuing to perform musically on an amateur level. And after my chiropractor directed me toward chiropractic as the best way to optimize the people’s health, there was no looking back!

It would seem strange that pursuing a career in classical music would be the least likely field from which to launch a chiropractic career, however, there are some very important parallels. Training as a classical musician requires tremendous discipline, literally hours of practice every day for many, many years. While attending Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas I was exposed to a variety of chiropractic techniques. But when I was first introduced to the Gonstead method, I was immediately drawn to this approach because it was by far the most challenging method technically and the most comprehensive analytically. In other words, it was hard! 

Dr.Paul Weber Barrie Family Chiropractor

And since I had already spent so many years training to become a virtuoso musician, it seemed only logical to put in the same effort to become a virtuoso chiropractor! Why? Because it was not only important to me to help patients, but to help them in the most profound and effective way possible. It is certainly true that chiropractic works, but I think it’s a fundamental responsibility of each chiropractor to make it work better, and that’s certainly what we try to do here at New Life Chiropractic.

And to that end, I’m delighted to have been invited to join this team because I now have the opportunity to serve the people of this wonderful community of Barrie. And although I will continue my involvement in the performing arts, my mission in life is to empower my patients to achieve their optimum health potential through chiropractic. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Patient Coordinator at Barrie Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Dan DeLuca

I began my career 20 years ago after completing my degrees in Biochemistry and my Doctor of Chiropractic. My practice grew rapidly but after a few years my wife Sherri and I decided that we wanted to go see what the world was about.

Sherri is of Scottish heritage, and so with encouragement from her family we decided to sell up, pack up, and move to Glasgow for what we thought would be a three year excursion to see Europe. We began in Scotland working for and running 4 West Scotland clinics for what was at the time the largest group of Chiropractic clinics in the UK.

During my time there I was fortunate to have treated many professional soccer, rugby, and strongmen competitors as well as many British celebrities. It was truly an amazing experience! In 2003 I left the company and opened my own clinic, and then a second clinic. Soon after, we had one child and then a second child, a boy and a girl, and our family was complete!

We soon began to miss Canada so while the children were young, and 13 years after first leaving Canada for Glasgow, we arrived back on Canadian soil and decided to live in beautiful Barrie. It was a perfect fit for our family, close to the outdoors and lakes and not far from family. As a family we enjoy playing various sports. I helped to coach soccer and hockey for my children over the years since and as a family we spend a lot of time sailing on Lake Simcoe in the summer.

You will usually find me racing my sailboat on a Wednesday evening out in the bay with the Barrie Yacht Club, or running the trails in the south end. In early 2017 I was most generously offered the opportunity to work with Dr's Brad and Paul and the New Life team when I mentioned to Dr Brad that my current lease was expiring. It was a phenomenal chance to team up with such a good group of loving, like-minded people!

I was excited to begin a new chapter in my life by joining the wonderful team at New Life Chiropractic and help the people of Barrie lead the healthy, abundant lives they were meant to live!

Sarah Roberston

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a Chiropractic assistant here at New Life. I have been helping Dr. Brad heal our community since 2009 and absolutely enjoy it.I love coming to work everyday and know that what I do will help make a difference in peoples lives.

Working here is like having an extended family, not only with the team and the doctor but also with the patients. We are fortunate enough to have many AMAZING patients here at the clinic. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Before coming to work at New Life I had been seeing a chiropractor for almost my whole life. My mum always believed in chiropractic but I never really understood how it all worked until I came to work for Dr. Brad. Here at our clinic we make a point of educating our patients on exactly what chiropractic is. I think this is AWESOME!!!

I came to the clinic suffering from seasonal allergies; headaches, that came with barometric pressure changes, and lower back pain. This concerned me, as I was the ripe old age of 26 when I started here!!!! Within a few months of Dr. Brad adjusting me I no longer got headaches, and my lower back pain was gone. A few months after that I noticed that I was able to breathe and my allergies were much less severe then ever before!!! What amazed me the most were the changes in things I never thought were a problem! My digestion is so much better and Dr. Brad has really helped not just me but our patients live a WHOLE healthier lifestyle.Needless to say I am ecstatic and I look forward to seeing you in the clinic!

Patient Coordinator at Barrie Chiropractic Clinic
Patient Coordinator at Barrie Chiropractic Clinic

Ashley Palmer

Hello, my name is Ashley

I am a hard working mom so it is extremely important that I am healthy. I have a beautiful son and we are always on the go. We love spending time outdoors and playing sports. I help assist with my son’s baseball team so we are very active!

Before I started working at New Life, I was very unfamiliar with how chiropractic plays such a significant role in our health. I suffered from neck pain and headaches which made it difficult for me to live my busy life.

Since I have began my journey with Dr. Brad and the team, I have come to recognize the positive changes in my life. I have minimal neck pain and have not had any headaches since I started care.

I am so honored to be part of a team that focuses so completely on helping the community and each person in it!

Sasha Dirmeitis

Hi,My name is Sasha

Before I started working here I was a patient at another clinic. I was getting some relief from my issues, but I have to say that the results I have seen since starting work with Dr. Brad are beyond my expectations!

I have seen not only amazing changes in myself, but in so many of our amazing patients it makes working here daily so rewarding!I truly believe, as does my husband, that chiropractic is the answer to health.My hobbies include walking, mountain biking, and enjoying foods of all types!

I love my job and everything it bring to my life!

Frontdesk Assistant at Barrie Chiropractic Clinic Newline Chiropractic

Dr. Brad Norman
Barrie, Ontario 

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