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Health & Wellness For All!

“Get Back into Health” – Program Summary presented by Dr. Brad Norman.

We are excited to share our Wellness in the Workplace Program. This is a great addition to any staff meeting!

Below is a summary of the specifics of the workshop. Scheduling this free service is easy and flexible. The presentation itself runs approx. 20-30 minutes in length. The content focuses on 4 primary areas; understanding stress on the body, the spines’ influence on overall health, taking care of your spine to achieve optimum health and empowering individuals to be stronger, happier, and more productive, both at work & at home. Upon completion of the workshop, we offer an optional on-site postural assessment for each of the participants. This is an interactive component that enables the participant to briefly discuss what they may be personally challenged with one on one with the Doctor.

All participants are provided with an informative handout package. This package is filled with great tips for lifting, sitting (ergonomics for office work), sleeping, the use of hot and cold for pain and pulled muscles. The workshop provides an invaluable opportunity to participants and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We have found by caring enough about you and your families health, this in turn inspires trust and gratitude among your people.

This is a completely voluntary community service and there is no charge. As an added bonus: The Doctor will offer a $20 in office complete check-up valid for up to 2 weeks after the workshop to any of the participants.

Checkup includes; complete exam, x-rays (if necessary) and a report of the findings. This is an amazing $130 value!

This $20 is then donated by the Doctor to COMPASSION CANADA, an organization that is devoted to helping release widows & orphans from poverty in developing Countries.

This is a win-win session & is no cost to you!

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